Project Details

  • Client: Clube do Autor
  • Timeframe: Continuous Delivery
  • Main Service: E-commerce, SEO, Data Integrations(ETL), Digital Marketing, Social Media
  • Core Technologies: Laravel(PHP), Vue.js, Mysql, SqlServer
  • Website:

Clube do Autor is a book publisher that emerged in 2010 with the aim of publishing quality, careful and relevant books that were an invitation to read.

This project was very interesting and challenging. The objective was to transform a website in catalog mode, which used wordpress technology, into an e-commerce system. It was understood and realized that for the e-commerce system to work independently and synchronized with the management and billing system, it would be necessary to lay fundamentals in Laravel taking into account the veracity of this framework.

Although the system works completely independently, we had the opportunity to create a data integration tool (ETL) where it allows product, catalog, orders, billing and other information to be automatically integrated both in e-commerce and in the system in order to reduce costs to the customer.

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